Mid Century Meets Modern

I googled "mid century modern holiday entertaining" for some inspiration during a creative slump. After some scrolling, this image caught my eye. 

Polished Habitat Mid century Holiday Dining

At first, perhaps it was the Jumbo Jackie Warhol inspired print that caught my eye, but I was quickly on inspiration overload. The mid century modern black chairs, simple greenery, punches of red with classic candlesticks. My mind went into a frenzie and I immediately drew a mid century modern mistletoe in my head.

Room credit to Polished Habitat. Read the full article for this image here: 

As I studied the dining room a bit more, I noticed the traditional plaid plates that married perfectly with simplistic black and white contrasts. The Mod Berry Holiday Collection was born.

I immediately designed this Holiday card boxed set in 2 versions. I loved both fonts so to each his own! These 5x7 folded cards come in sets of 10 with coordinating printed envelopes.

mid century modern christmas greeting cardsmid century modern mistletoe greeting card

There was still a geometric design whirling in my head that mimicked the candlesticks in the center of the table. Since our greeting cards come with coordinating envelope liners, I thought this would be a good tie in for our single cards:

But I still had to incorporate the classic plaid from the plates to give the collection some added interest. The invites were just the missing link we needed to complete the design. All boxed invitations come in sets of 10 with coordinating square flap envelopes.

mid century modern holiday invitation

If you're anything like me, you can't stop with a greeting card. The theme has to go from a greeting card to dinner table, to the gift wrap (in fact, wouldn't be surprised if Im wearing a Mistletoe skirt on Christmas!). The design followed thru with coordinating wrapping paper and gift tags:

mistletoe gift wrap

We host a few small dinner parties throughout the season. These little mix 'n' match travel candles and matchbox sets make great take home gifts for guests. Use them as host/hostess gifts, or small stocking stuffers for his/her nightstand or office.

While I love the plaid plate settings for the adult table, I choose to use disposables for the kiddie table or dessert bar. These plates by Jollity & Company are my favorite styles due to the mid century modern geometric teardrop shape, not to mention a touch of gold trim. 

jollity and company holiday place settings


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