MOM-osa Bar Brunch

Another year, another brunch....

This years theme is MOM-osa's. Fruit, juice, bubbly and a color story of bright pinks, blush, red and orange.

Starting with the invitation, you can download this free template and use it in email or with your favorite online e-vitation sites such as Evite or Punchbowl. The basic invitation can be reused in upcoming years, just change the details in the email!

Click here to view the invitation in action using Punchbowl.

Decorate your MOM-osa bar with all the necessities and flank it with this FREE MOM-osa Bar Sign. I used the items below to keep with the color theme.

  • Fruit Assortment (Oranges, Strawberries, Raspberries)
  • Juice Assortment (Orange, Cranberry, Watermelon) 
  • Prosecco or Campagne (I used Mionetto for the orange color theme)
  • Cocktail picks or decorative spoon/tongs for fruit
  • Add paper straws for added flair

I always set up the buffet the day before and use food place cards to help dictate where everything will go and to be sure I don't forget to put anything out the day of the brunch. I used our double sided 


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